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The black seven

The black seven 

Love, money, prison, crime

Family and friends were all there

Wealth, richness, all the time

the beginning of my nightmare

Cause wine is pool for evil, all

A tamed cat behind the door

A jealous husband, a loved wife

Brings up the death, love no more

A hollowed eye was taken out

and evil is done, that’s my role

destroy the animal, now I shout

my fate I feel the gallows pole

fire, wind, death, destruction

for suffering has no name

a cat, a man, ablaze, emotion

now poor and rich are all the same

the pub and friends and fun and beer

an eye, a cat,  a mark between

a host, a wife, a feeling, fear

an axe, a cellar, an assassin

I cry in pain, death, perverseness

I killed, Oh, sin!, I’ve lost my life

A man once rich, now rot in loneliness

you now lay dead, my dearest wife

Oh cat! the witch, perverse: I felt

you built a bridge for my mistake

I killed, I died, in prison I melt

I suffer, I cry, my life you take!



Poe’s Black cat


Being one of the most famous and terrifying horror story of literature The Black Cat has been studied, analyzed and retold. In the voice of Basil Rathbone in Mystery in the Air, NBC  in September,1947, broadcast the tale. Also, films have been made uppon it. You can find more on youtube.com as follows:

Poet, poem, poe, woe, woe, woe

Woe, woe, woe – wicked, scaring, bloody,surprisingly,  genius,ultra-modern, cult – POErful!