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The black seven

The black seven 

Love, money, prison, crime

Family and friends were all there

Wealth, richness, all the time

the beginning of my nightmare

Cause wine is pool for evil, all

A tamed cat behind the door

A jealous husband, a loved wife

Brings up the death, love no more

A hollowed eye was taken out

and evil is done, that’s my role

destroy the animal, now I shout

my fate I feel the gallows pole

fire, wind, death, destruction

for suffering has no name

a cat, a man, ablaze, emotion

now poor and rich are all the same

the pub and friends and fun and beer

an eye, a cat,  a mark between

a host, a wife, a feeling, fear

an axe, a cellar, an assassin

I cry in pain, death, perverseness

I killed, Oh, sin!, I’ve lost my life

A man once rich, now rot in loneliness

you now lay dead, my dearest wife

Oh cat! the witch, perverse: I felt

you built a bridge for my mistake

I killed, I died, in prison I melt

I suffer, I cry, my life you take!



Geek Poema Bellum Poema

Geek Poema Bellum Poema

Uma guerra se faz por falta de amor e com muito ódio. Uma guerra se faz com políticos que não vão à guerra. Uma guerra se faz com egoísmo e indiferença. Uma guerra se faz. Uma guerra se basta. Basta. Um dia desses conheci um poema que mexeu comigo. Leo Gonçalves, amigo, tradutor, poeta, genial me apresentou seu WTC BABEL num encontro na Faculdade de Letras. Bem, disse pra ele que o poema era pra ser gritado, e foi. Fez um sarau do caramba e apresentou o poema-manifesto com muita qualidade e competência. Sempre gostei do tema e de WAR PIGS .Daí eu que estou sempre mexendo com coisas de ler e de escrever inventei umas e melhorei outras e assim me veio saindo o GEEK POEMA. Uma coletanea de poemas visuais de protesto baseados em HTML e com o tema GUERRA. Guerra e HTML, poema e computação, escrever e lutar. Cada um tem sua guerra particular, a minha é constante e é contra um inimigo abstrato, é um inimigo invisível e como diria um cantor de uma certa banda “I’m a soldier of freedom in the army of a man”. Em breve mais alguns serão postados.


Livreto publicado em

Livreto publicado na Revista txt da Faculdade de Letras da UFMG em

Poe’s Black cat


Being one of the most famous and terrifying horror story of literature The Black Cat has been studied, analyzed and retold. In the voice of Basil Rathbone in Mystery in the Air, NBC  in September,1947, broadcast the tale. Also, films have been made uppon it. You can find more on as follows:

Poet, poem, poe, woe, woe, woe

Woe, woe, woe – wicked, scaring, bloody,surprisingly,  genius,ultra-modern, cult – POErful!


The calling

Flávio Martins (April 12, 1978) is a new-born Brazilian writer. Very connected to his origins he writes about day-after-day facts and human relations. Also, some of his works are based on cyberculture. With a peculiar writing style he goes from poetry to short stories in performing a witty style. Being awarded with some of his texts Flávio keeps a weblog to spread the seed of literature around the cyberworld. Here you find two of the numerous texts produced and taken from a wide range. You can check more on

The calling

Walking alone I go aimlessly
Condemned to roam around endlessly
I have no choice I see no escape
I hear no voice but I feel a shape

It takes my breath makes me blind
Sufocates myself uneasy unkind
I have to flee where to I don’t know
Myself I am seeking for a place to go

My foe is persistent follows me straight
It traces my paths, disguised soul mate
Never know where I go however I should
Digging deep holes on the route of the woods

My enemy goes seeking virile and secure
It chases my shadows determined obscure
I have nowhere to go, nowhere to sleep
My paths are dirty my roads are steep

I move to the left swerve to the right
My sensory nerve sticks my spine
It’s fear it’s dread that keeps me awake
The devil inside shows me the stake

I know that running I cannot avoid
I am falling decayed, weak paranoid
I refuse to listen, I hold my breath
However I feel it’s the calling of the Death

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