Hip that shit off

Hip that shit off

This shit goes to @dawg_houston

That slap hit me as a sword of ice
I know Some cops are there disguised
Living on the edge they’re deep on vice
Chasin n dodgin  as cats and mice

black C.O.P. needs affirmation
empty feelin in his own frustration
Pulling against the wall, bad connotation
A wrong word said shapes my situation

You Teach no shit you got no guts
You black I black the same fuckin roots
No lie to me I kick your ass
You motherfucking nigga
I make your face a mess

No, no,no, COP, be fine get respect
I said no joke, just can’t object
Be cool I nice, hit me in vain
It burns like hell, let me explain

If I say a word as you demand
I bet I know You don’t understand
I civil You  law you are command
You kick my ass I can’t stand

Hey nigga, asshole You gonna do
What I say  you bettah don play the fool
Got trouble in my head and debts to pay
Son is almost dead mah wife betrayed

You know  I’ll get your fuckin ass bruised
When i slap your face you put yourself in mah shoes
Guess what I born in a shantytown
Daddy got me all fucked he let me down

Mah skin color made me all different then
School was bad n then I got  banned
Social aspec No accept  us like trash
Last corner  in the Corp was all I get

Low Wages I just can’t fight the crime
Dealers got me they pay me Ain’t got no dime
I am a person of flesh, heart, blood and bone
Honestly, my man, fate’s written on stone

It’s a mistake you piece of shit
You cop, you black, there ain’t no need
Respect I man could be your brother
I black you black I not a robber

You missed a chance to play it fair
In Your mind I’m your worst nightmare
I nice you fool and  mistake is done
You put your power on a badge and gun

You know us nigga  never betray a fellow
I’ve got what you don’t, honesty and values
Get back to the car, you damned you prick
Repent and Alone, you piece of shit!


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